Although Laos does not own many advantages as its neighboring countries, it is still a wonderful land with many lesser-known gems which are amazingly surprising. Every town, every village or corner of Laos showcases a slow pace of life, which could be the inspiration for travelers to live slowly to enjoy little lovely things  around. And we also hope we could help you unveil its secrets, feel its hidden beauty and bring back home exceptional experience through the Laos day tours that we are offering. Being carefully hand-picked, every Laos day tour promises to show you the best of each place you travel to. Whether it’s Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Bolaven or 4000 Islands, just click and go with us to explore Laos day tour in style.


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This ebook provides useful information about main traditional festivals in Laos throughout the year.

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Nga Nguyen

Although my nationality is not Laotian, I'm sure Laos is my "second home" and my love for this country is not less than any native people. I was absolutely captivated by Laos from the first time travelling through the country with amazing waterfalls, fabulous Mekong river, fascinating customs of the people and the tranquility in every corner. Other neighboring countries of Laos are very successful in tourism but I realize that not many traveler knows about hidden gems of Laos. That's why I want to build a blog with comprehensive information about Laos travel, share my knowledge and my passion for the one who love nature and authentic culture. I hope Laos then would be in your bucket list because it really deserves. Follow our posts everyday and share us your feeling, questions, plans or ideas. We'd love to hear from you! Together we'll make our Laos exploration much better!

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Phetsamone Moon

If you ask me where is my most favorite place in the world, I would not hesitate to answer that: Laos. Laos culture and people is always in my heart. With all the passion, I have researched about this country for a long time. I hope that my understanding about the country would be useful for you when you want to travel to Laos, or sometimes just for reading and enjoying nice photos in your free time. If you want to ask me any question, please feel free to send an email. I will always be happy to hear from you.

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