Brian Vu

Working for a travel company is a big chance for me to feel love with travel. Specially, leisure is not my style, riding motorbike to discover everywhere is really great for my trips. On each miles I reach, I get opportunity to learn more about the local culture, to see more friends and even to face to scams like any travelers may see, etc ...

That's reason why this website was born with hope that it comes to be really a based-on-real-experience travel book that help you a lot in your trip to Laos. 

Take time finding what you need for your planning journeys and discover Laos in the best way!

Ocean of Cloud

A short break on the way riding

Somewhere in the world

The place known as "The Back of Dinosaur"

Selfie with the friendly and hospitable local on the way riding

Whenever riding up to mountains, I feel the freedom

The nice French riding-mate