How to Get from Pakse to Siem Reap

After wonderful days at Pakse, Laos, you are very excited about visiting Siem Reap in Cambodia but there is a concern about how to move between these two cities. Don’t quickly worry because we will provide you with vital information about different means of transportation from Pakse to Siem Reap. As a result, you can definitely choose which one is suitable with your budget and your traveling styles.

1. Plane

In spite of being the most expensive way, traveling to Siem Reap from Pakse by plane is the fastest and most comfortable one. Your flight departures from Pakse International Airport and arrives at Siem Reap Airport and both of them is only about 5 km from the city center. Also, the flight time is only about an hour and 15minutes so it is very convenient for those who are tight on schedule.

There is one or two flights from Pakse to Siem Reap operated by Laos Airline every day and a one-way direct flight costs about US $100 – $120. You can book the ticket online but one tip is that the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday.

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You need to get a visa before entering Cambodia. A visa which is valid for 30 days can be gotten on arrival at Siem Reap Airport. At the “Visa on arrival” counter, you have to submit two passport photos, your passport, and a couple of forms which are often given out on the flight. The fee is US $20 – $25.

You can also get visa online in advance as a tourist e-visa, which costs you US $37. The tourist e-visa takes three working days to process and is valid for three months from the date of issue. Nevertheless, keep in mind that an e-visa is onlyaccepted at Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Airport, Koh Kong, Poipet (Thailand) and Bavet (Vietnam).

2. By Bus

The cheaper option for your transfer is traveling by bus which is about US $30 and takes around 11.5 hours. The VIP buses or sleeper buses that are equipped with air conditioning; some even may have a toilet on board. In addition, the tickets can be booked online easily. If you choose this means, you should prepare to make a music playlist for your bus riding from Paske to Siem Reap and enjoy the scenery while listening to the tunes from your soundtrack.

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3. By minivan

Minivans are generally faster than buses since they are smaller and easier to handle. They leave Pakse at 8 am, cross the border between Laos and Cambodia at noon, stop at Stung Treng for lunch and arrive in Siem Reap around 7 pm the same day.

You can book a minivan online either through or In case you are already in Paske, you can have the local travel agent or your hotel organize it. Minivans run daily so you should book one a day or two ahead.

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Minivans from Paske often drive you to the border and then switch to a Cambodian minivan for the rest of the trip. Besides, in terms of getting visa on arrival at the border, the bus crew can do it for you for a small fee but if you want to get visa by yourself, the bus waits as long as the process takes.

Once you have the stamp at the Laos side, then you move towards Cambodia. At the Cambodia side, there are three huts. Firstly, on the left is the medical check one where you will be given a paper to fill (asking whether you have any symptoms of sickness or not) but this is not official so you can skip it. Secondly, behind the stamp office is the visa office. There, you have to fill the form, submit it with your passport, a passport photo and the fee then wait until your visa is ready. Thirdly, on the right is the stampoffice where you fill in the entrance-departure form and give it with the passport to get the stamp. The fee is normally about US $35 - $40.

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In conclusion, you should consider your condition to decide which transport is the most appropriate. Despite the difference in price or time, every journey has its own unique and will be unforgettable experience in your life.


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