Falling in Love with 7 Top-rated Attractions in Laos

While any country all over the world is strongly opening up to mass tourism, Laos is still largely untouched and off-the-beaten track, which makes it a wonderful escape from the hurried pace in a normally bustling life. Hence, it is undeniable that Laos deserves being considered as Southeast Asia's best-kept secret.
Now, it’s high time you gave yourself a break to discover the wonders of the Million-Elephant land by visiting following top 7 attractions in Laos.


Nothing but Luang Prabang can fulfill your Laos trip if you choose a spot which deserves being regarded as the most gorgeous city in this small country.

Indeed, Luang Prabang - a UNESCO World Heritage which has enough power to remind everyone of a tiny mountainous kingdom in Northern Laos. This region contains ancient Buddhist temples and their orange-robed monks collecting alms in every morning, along with French-Indochinese architectures overlapped with Lao cultural diversity for thousands of years.

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While you are in Luang Prabang, please make use of any opportunity to go on a Mekong River Cruises along the largest river of Southeast Asia. Flowing through 6 countries consisting of China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and numerous Lao areas, Mekong river has become the main road of transportation and a major tourist draw in Laos before emptying into the East Sea.

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After being under French occupation, the Laos capital of Vientiane has changed its appearance by French-inspired structures that stand in lovely contrast with the ancient Buddhist temples. That is the reason why visitors can expect to witness and explore cultural traces of influences from France in this day and age. 

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Interestingly, if you are on a budget, you can find reasonable accommodations, restaurants and other places to hang out in Vientiane without any difficulty. Moreover, a lot of renowned destinations like Pha That Luang stupa or Wat Si Muang temple all dating back to 16th century make Vientiane become more mysterious and special than any other sights in this nation.

attractions in laos 4Pha That Luang is a national symbol and also the most sacred monument in the country.


Being surrounded by karst hills, limestone cliffs, caves and rivers, Vang Vieng with its warm hospitality always offers backpackers countless chances to participate without restraint in a large number of adventure activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, spelunking, trekking, tubing and more! In order to make your excursion extra special, riding a hot-air balloon and contemplating the awesome scenery up above is a superb idea that nothing can replace.

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Perhaps, never have you thought that a landlocked country like Laos would have islands, beaches and fantastic swimming spots! Nonethelss, Si Phan Don or better known as 4000 islands makes it possible. Set against a scenic part of the Mekong River in Southern Laos, Si Phan Don caters to tourists with 3 principle areas consisting of Don Det, Don Khon and Done Kong. 

Specifically, a boat which takes you along the 4000 islands up the Mekong River, will allow you to make a discovery its surroundings, river front temples, hidden gems, and even play beach football or Frisbee game on a beautiful white sandy beach.

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After your Mekong River cruises, you should not miss stepping into the mysterious Pak Ou Caves linking to the west side of the Mekong River. These 2 caves in the limestone cliff are crammed with thousands of gold miniature Buddha sculptures and statues of varying sizes and shapes, which is definitely a must-contemplate treasure of Laos!

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About an hour South of Pakse are the ruins of the Wat Phu (also Vat Phou), an ancient Khmer temple dating back to the 11th century. From generation to generation, all of people know that this spiritual temple was designed to express the Hindu viewpoint about the close relationship between nature and humanity derived from the purpose of harmonic balance.

In terms of structure, Wat Phu temple composes of two palaces, in which a processional walkway and a main sanctuary are aligned on an axis from the Mekong River towards the Phu Kou Mountain.

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In short, as a landlocked nation, Laos still lures and inspires its tourists with ancient cities, quaint heritage towns, mysterious Buddhist stupas, spectacular natural beauty, authentic food, colorful hill tribes, and so on.

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