Best Time to Visit Laos

Emerging from the shadows of two Indochina wars and a long-lasting isolation from the rest of the world, the landlocked Laos still remains appealing with green rice fields stretching to the horizon, familiar trails for a morning trek when being full of energy, and all of eye-catching landscapes that are enough to 'steal' your anxieties away. 

Moreover, incredibly laidback and friendly Laotians are also undoubtedly one of the brightest highlights of any visit. Nonetheless, before kicking off your vacation to Laos of all charms, having a profound comprehension of which occasion registers for the most appropriate period of time to step foot in, is entirely necessary. Please do not give up reading useful Laos Travel Guide below, you will definitely find for yourself the best time to visit Laos.


Luang Prabang

If ancient red - roofed temples and French - Indochinese architectures harmonized with the many-hued culture and naturally mountainous scenery fit your style of favor, let’s take Luang Prabang which is a worth-visiting UNESCO World Heritage site into your consideration for Lao excursion. 

Featuring a typical tropical-monsoon climate insisting of dry and wet seasons, Luang Prabang definitely non-stop bringing you a comfortable feeling thanks to its nice temperature mostly ranging from 20°C to 29°C.

In particular, the dry season characterizes two distinct sub-sections including the cool dry season (November - February) along with the hot dry one (March - April) being the hottest months of this period. Additionally, May is the time for the wet season which goes on dominating over next 5 months, to set in this gorgeous town lying nearby the stunning Mekong River. 

While the dry season lets you feel slightly warm sunshine of the highland, how fantastic it is when contemplating blooming flowers are in all colors attended by hordes of charming butterflies in the wet days. More significantly, although each season also leaves in everyone’s mind distinctive impression, the bulk of visitors still spend their valued time to set foot in here between November and January, when temperatures are pretty pleasant.

best time to visit laos

Luang Namtha

Of all appealing landscapes with wonderful ecosystem, sociable locals, and delightful delicacies, the gorgeous land of Luang Namtha seems to choose nothing because this destination possesses its own uniqueness that not everyone can find out. 

For the purpose of making your dream to visit a fascinating Laos comes true; 4 months running from November to February are responsible for the nicest occasion. Particularly, these months belong to the dry season when it becomes much easier to have a sense of adventure into the lush jungles, kayaking, trekking, and even catching a glimpse of any local in hill-tribe villages.

Besides, the rainy season goes from May to October undoubtedly gives you various opportunities to try a boat trip along the Mekong River. Interestingly, your duty at that moment is just to contemplate primeval aspects of the town though thatched bamboo houses, lively green trees, and the laid-back surrounding ambiance in general. Thus, take it easy by allowing Luang Namtha to calm you down and refresh your mind at its best!

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Nong Khiaw

Rather than cramming visits into a short period of time or selecting bustling Lao tourist destinations, why don’t you make your own choice by spending a few days surrounded by Nong Khiaw’s mighty mountains where its allure is surely great to pass up?

Characterized as Northern region’s climate of Laos, the dry weather here offers travelers months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation such as December, January, and February, which means that you can be confident to play out without carrying an umbrella.

Meanwhile, if you are seeking for the warmest moments of the wet season to visit Nong Khiaw, May, June, and then April will provide you hard-to-describe experiences. In a little more details, May always registers the highest level of temperature at around 33.3°C and drops below 22°C at night. 

All in all, the dry season lasting from December to March always deserves taking a pride as the greatest period of time for discovering this land with blood-pumping activities like rock climbing, kayaking, cycling, trekking and so on.

best time to visit laos 2

Muang Ngoi

Actually, no one can forget a Muang Ngoi of all allures, where it is hard for saying goodbye with dreamy valleys, lush green forests filled with a unique ecosystem offering multiple species flora and fauna.

It is worth taking note that the best times composing of two periods respectively from December to March which belongs to the dry season and the hot season from March to May since it does not get as hot as the further south, are the best time to dive in Muang Ngoi’s outlooks.

In fact, it even becomes pretty cold at these months. Interestingly, you are only able to feel this unique climate type in typical highlands at a low degree of latitude like Muang Ngoi which permits wintery days are fairly cool.

best time to visit laos 3


Located on steep Phu Fa slopes at the height of about of 1625m, Phongsali proudly possesses a year-round cool climate that turns out as a fantastic relief during the months of higher temperature (March to May). In reality, if you have had at least one time setting foot in Northern Vietnam, you can easily realize that this province's climate is much more similar to what you experienced than that of Laos.  And if not, you can find out here in this article - Best time to visit Vietnam.

Particularly, the cool season makes it quite cold with temperatures as low as 5°C at night, and 10°C all day long. Moreover, the appearance of fog and low clouds in the morning at any time of year seems to become common with everyone. In general, the occasion from November to February is the golden time to satisfy your travel feelings.

What is more, because of being surrounded by high mountains, dense forests and fast flowing river, it is the reason why Phongsali's climate characterizes an appropriate feature for physical activities such as cycling, climbing, or joining an overnight trek to local hill-tribe villages.

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Taking a pride in the fascinating beauty without boundaries, Vientiane - the riverside capital of the “Land of a Million Elephants” non-stop lures masters of travel by a quieter getaway than any ‘heart’ of neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. 

Indeed, the tropical savanna climate divides a year of Vientiane metropolis into two principle seasons having distinctive dry and wet features. Specifically, the dry season spans from November to March, in which the coldest month is January that drops at 22°C. Meanwhile, April marks the onset of the wet season which in Vientiane lasts about seven months. It is also a superb chance to look further into how the local people cool down with their New Year's water festival.

However, based on travel experiences as well as helpful guides of visitors who came here, the cooler months lasting from November to March are regarded as the most appropriate occasion for wandering along this capital’s laid-back streets. Here we go!

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Vang Vieng

It might be unfair for other Lao regions that Vang Vieng has been endowed with the heavenly beauty resembling a peaceful silk painting from God’s invaluable gift. However, if you usually have a craze for discovering unique caves of all kinds, kayaking, rock climbing as well as adventurous walks along the countryside, do not forget which time plays an essential role in making your journey smoother.

According to the annually weather reports about the average temperature and humidity, the best time to take a trip in Vang Vieng for ideal outside conditions are from November to March. It should be noticed that the temperature of typically hot months (March – May) is capable of reaching 40ºC or higher. Nevertheless, the rains do appear in the wet season can make your excursions in the surroundings quite difficult.

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Xieng Khouang

Coming to a Xieng Khouang of glimmering green paddies and saw-toothed karst hills with no excursions will result in a sense of regretting without a doubt.

Before getting started your vacation in the land commonly known for the intriguing 'Plain of Jars', weather conditions should be given priority because it is sure to let you broaden your horizons a lot. More luckily than any other provinces of Central Laos, Xieng Khouang’s ideal climate which can strike a balance between the temperature and humidity over the course of the year always comes as a surprise for all.

Thus, sticking in mind a valuable tip is to be ready for planning and satisfying your desire of traveling by an awesome trip during the cool season from November to February, will be extremely useful. 

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As stated by dew point measurements, the most proper time to visit Pakse - the Kingdom of Champasak  falls between March and August November to March which is considered as the dry season when the atmosphere become much cooler but extremely peasant.

To be honest, a Pakse being full of stunning landscapes can be dropped by throughout the year that certainly depends on which type of activity you have planned for. Commonly, April always evokes an familiar impression of the hottest month in this destination, which is totally on the contrary to December viewed as the coolest one registering about 18°C.

So, how about making an exploration of Pakse where the fire ball goes down in the horizon, then creates a fascinating scenery that no words is not enough to describe its magic in every sunset? 

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4000 Islands

Like a romantic wetland in the country, mythical 4,000 Islands (also called Si Phan Don) boast a perfect spot where any visitor is eager for swinging slowly in the pendulum of time with a view to deeply unwinding more.

Annually, Si Phan Don draws thousands of travelers coming from all around the globe to explore its charms mainly during the cool months from November to March when temperatures are no longer terribly hot like the wet season. However, the outdoor heat seems to be the key factor that turns the river into an awesome site for jumping in whenever you hunger for cooling off.

During the monsoon, nonetheless, the weather can change very quickly and very often, which appears horrible thunders coming at the end of the day (at about 4pm) along with the strong winds and the rapid rains. All in all, it still deserves being visited year after year.

You desire to enjoy lazy days, discover harbors scores of long-established fishing communities as well as centuries-old lowland Lao traditions at all times, don’t you? Let’s begin packing your backpack right now!

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Bolaven Plateau

Considered as one of the not-to-be-missed destinations in Laos, Bolaven Plateau draws non-stop visitors’ attention with its uniqueness not only the thunderous sound of the water tumbling over a cliff, but also the typically sweet taste of ripe coffee cherries and the bitter taste of Robusta. If this destination persuades you in all features, why don’t you care about its climate for a journey more memorable?

Actually, the best time for you to make adventure in Bolaven Plateau is around early November to late December, in which do not be careless with the evening and dawn when the temperature dropping down deeply. More significantly, it is highly recommended that you should not take the early part of the rain season (up to about June) into your consideration for traveling. The reason lies in what the monsoon can cause your path difficult to pass over unless you have planned to follow the stable highways.

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So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hesitate at nothing when kicking off your vacation! 

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