Bicycle Adventure in Laos - Where Should You Go?

Whether biking improves your general body fitness and health balance or for purely environmental reasons, this is one of the most superb habits that you can ever pick up. However, have you ever planned a bicycle adventure with a view to experiencing of more distinctive cultures in your beloved countries?

If yes, let’s take Laos which is blessed beautiful landscapes by the Mother Nature into your list of ideal destinations for your bicycle adbenture to enjoy Lao lifestyle. Here are some spectacular places for cycling lovers including you.


The two first destinations including Kuang Si Waterfall and Bears Rescue Center that you cannot miss riding on through Luang Prabang - the UNESCO World Heritage City. In particular, while Kuang Si Waterfall shows you three layers leading to a 50-meter drop into spectacular azure pools before flowing downstream, Bears Rescue Center will bring you a sense of numerous animals rescued from the hands of poachers and traffickers by Mr. Mary Hutton’s not-for-profit fund coming from Australia.

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Another attraction for cyclists is to contemplate the sunset’s romantic moment over the Mekong River with many ranges of rainbow colors in the sky. Besides, having an excursion by bike to villages is an ideal way for you to feel and experience plain locals’ daily life. For instance, it is for sure that bikers can wash, ride and learn how to train elephants in the Elephant Village; Whisky Village will offer its guests opportunities to try the local whiskey made with all sorts of snakes and insects; etc.

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Additionally, there are numerous temples which are suitable for cyclists explore. Indeed, what makes these sacred structures so remarkable is their multiple roles which are not relics or museums, but rather living or working institutions.


Exploring the capital of Laos on two slow – speed wheels, the highlight of your journey is the special seconds of admiring lush, green rice paddies hidden behind tree-lined pathways. In addition, rarely have you had better chance to cycle along the Mekong River and enjoy stunning gorgeousness of landscapes between Laos and Thailand.

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Moreover, this charming land also possesses several temples that are worth taking a bike trip to sightsee such as Wat Sisaket – the Vientiane's oldest surviving temple decorated with 6840 Buddha, Wat Ho Phra Keo – a national museum of religious art temple inspired from Thai architectural style, or That Luang Stupa – an embodiment of the Buddhist symbolism.

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What is more, the Tad Moon Waterfall with various rock formations also gives an acme of perfection for cyclists while being in Vientiane and you will not be the exception. Additionally, Ban Tontam village is considered as an ideal place for bikers’ lunch due to the great “Sala” (meeting hall) bounded by a beautiful pond and nearby Phou Khao Khouay Mountain.

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Visiting Vang Vieng by a bicycle, you will be drawn attention to not only green rice paddy fields but also giant limestone karsts. Interestingly, a wide range of funny outdoor-oriented activities always warmly welcome your participation like planting rice by hand, caring for goats, and feeding pigs with the local people.

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Cycling to tiny villages located on this riverside town in central Laos, you will see basic bamboo houses surrounded bunches of banana trees and a few gardens filled with nutrient vegetable types. Needless to say, the image of these elevated houses would not be separated from everyone’s daily life because of their vital role as protecting people against flood, snakes, or rats. 

Definitely, swimming in the fantastical setting of the Blue Lagoon where a river of soft, delicately pale blue flows slowly out of the jungle, will not make you disappointed. Come here with friends, hang out with the local families, watch the kids showing off jumping from the tree, and just relax in a little slice of paradise. Just a short hike away from Blue Lagoon is a few caves with Buddhist shrines inside. Of course, many other wonderful attractions of this tranquil town are stunning caves such as Tham Sang, Tham Phu Kham, Tham Hoi, etc. that worth spending time.

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