The 4 Fascinating Things to Do in Bolaven Plateau

With gorgeous cliffs, spectacular mountains, large caves, and waterfalls, Laos is an ideal place for any adventurous travel junkie. If you have chance to visit this Southeast Asian country, do not miss visiting Bolaven Plateau, which is a fertile area of southern Laos famous for the high quality of coffee and waterfalls. The below hints about things to do in this region may help you have an interesting tour to “land of a million of elephants”.

1. Discovering Tad Lo village’s beauty

Tad Lo village situated in Salavan Province has three waterfalls: Tad Hang, Tad Lo, and Tad Soung, which satisfies anyone who wants to have an adventurous excursion. Tad Hang is the smallest and gentlest of the three so you can take a quick swim here. The water is not too rough providing you stay away from the falls. Besides, fishing is very common. If you cross Saise Resort over the bridge, you will reach the powerful cascade of Tad Lo where you can sit on the bank and enjoy its view. Tad Suong is the furthest from the village and the most beautiful out of the three so do not miss this waterfall.

Things to do in Bolaven Plateau

Moreover, if you stay here for a few days, you can book a tour at the local visitor’s center. Then, a local will take you through different tribal villages and explains about the rituals and customs at every site, which will be a great way to broaden your knowledge.

Things to do in Bolaven Plateau 2

2. Visiting Tad Tayicseua in Paksong Area

There are seven waterfalls none of which is called Tayicseua and many smaller ones at this remote. Some is near the restaurant-parking area while others are down in the forest along a good set of trails, which you can walk without a guide. In addition, most of waterfalls can be visited within an hour or two treks. Make sure to wear your swimsuits under your trekking clothes and to pack water and snack.

You may assume that the waterfalls are similar to each other but keep in mind that each one seems to outdo the other. After visiting them, you will not be able to say you have been to many destinations like this in your life.

Things to do in Bolaven Plateau 3

3. Exploring Dong Hua Sao National Park

This national park located in Champasak province covers an area of 1,100 square kilometers. Here, you will have a great opportunity to know more about the nature since it is home to large tracts of pristine jungle where you can see monkeys, large butterflies, and rare hornbills. There are also 41 species of reptiles and amphibians in the protected site. Especially, the area is inhabited by Attacus atlas, a family of atlas month.

Things to do in Bolaven Plateau 4

4. Visiting Wat Kang Temple in Salavan

A trip to Laos cannot be complete without visiting at least a temple or pagoda. Wat Kang Temple founded over two centuries ago is the most important one in Salavan. What makes this Buddhist temple special is a very large monastery building aiming at storing the Triptaka (Buddhist scripture) in a pond to prevent termites from eating the holy manuscripts stored inside. Furthermore, it is supported by 57 pillars and is slowly being renovated.

Things to do in Bolaven Plateau 5

In conclusion, there are a variety of attractions in Bolaven Plateau Region and each one has its own unique. Consequently, visiting this region is the number one choice if you want to explore Laos’s beauty.


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