Top 3 Honeymoon Destinations in Laos

Once the big day have come and gone, numerous wedded couples find it difficult to make decision where they will go to for their honeymoon. Actually, this romantic vacation comes in all shapes and sizes, however, most people have a tendency for seeking out somewhere cozy, beautiful, and dreamy to release all stress created by the wedding in general.
Whether you prefer quiet beach time or cultural adventures, you will not be disappointed with any of following top 3 honeymoon destinations in Laos where reunites laid-back pace of life with friendly locals and charming sights.


Perhaps, nothing but making a romantic gateway with each other in the UNESCO World Heritage City named as Luang Prabang can fulfill your honeymoon trip in “Land of a Million Elephants”

Reaching this perfect site to unwind after your wedding, the first attraction that both of you must contemplate is the Kuang Si Waterfall, where shows you three tiers leading to a 50-kilometer drop into crystal pools of blue water before flowing downstream. In addition to swimming, other funny activities are beloved by honeymooners like jumping on liana from trees, climbing up to rocks, or standing on the wooden bridge to view spectacular surroundings.

honeymoon in laosLuang Prabang is one of the most attractive honeymoon destinations in Laos

Furthermore, no matter what you and your spouse do during the daytime, you should make use of any opportunity to catch the dreamy sunrise or sunset from a slow boat going along the Mekong River or from the highest point of the Mount Phousi.

honeymoon in laos 2

Just the mention of Luang Prabang conjures exotic images of sacred temples like Wat Xieng Thong, coming there to pray for the happiness of a whole married life is a significant thing that no couples can forget.

honeymoon in laos 3


Like rural scenery from an old Asian silk painting, Vang Vieng proudly shows off its naturally tranquil beauty nearby the Nam Song River with a backdrop of serene cliffs and a vivid tapestry of green paddy fields stretching away to the distant horizon. It is the reason why this tiny town always lures the couples to come, immerse themselves, and save memorable honeymoon moments with its uniqueness.

How awesome it would be when the newly married couples might spend time discovering together a few picturesque caves in this tiny town. One of the most outstanding caves consisting of numerous twinkle stalactites and stalagmites that these partners should not miss is Tham Chang. According to a legend, if someone touches the golden crab stalactites here, they will gain much happiness and receive much fortune. Apart from Tham Chang, other notable caves for your trip are Tham Phu Kham, Tham Hoi, or Tham Nam.

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A bicycle adventure around Vang Vieng will be a great idea for your Laos Honeymoon Holidays. This journey's highlight will be the special seconds of admiring lush rice paddies hidden behind tree-lined pathways, large limestone karsts, bamboo houses; meeting some people belonging to an ethnic minority; and dressing traditional costumes. Besides, sitting on a boat drifting downstream on the Nam Song River or standing on the footbridge over the river and sightseeing charming sceneries also brings the feeling of being on top of the world for any honeymooner. Of course, you are not the exception.

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3. 4000 ISLANDS

Deep in the most southern reaches of Laos where every traveler wants the pendulum of time to slowly enjoy it more, is the somewhat mythical 4,000 Islands. Please do not merely suppose 4000 Islands to be a collection of 'islands'. Instead, let’s consider it as a riverside network that carries you on a journey taking in truthfully natural beauty as well as vibrant cultures.

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You are planning a honeymoon in somewhere containing a cool atmosphere made of water in Laos, right? 

The 4000 Islands' visually stunning beauty is a worthy destination to seek for the real romanticism within water surroundings. Actually, this unique island group surely offers you opportunities for trekking, off-road motoring and rafting, or some exhilarating activities and hidden corners in which you can freely explore.

honeymoon in laos 7

If you are eager for reconnecting with nature, you can find an abundance of birdlife, beautiful waterfalls like Tad Somphamit or Khon Phapheng and stunning mountain ranges. On top of all, this region proudly possesses an impressive Khmer temple complex of Wat Phou, and the Bolaven Plateau. One more nice point of Si Phan Don attracting honeymooners is that there are a large number of pretty bungalows with hammocks for their extreme relaxation.

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Taking a cruise is one of the great ideas to enjoy your honeymoon in the most luxurious and romantic way. On the cruise, you will be pampered by spas, tasty cuisine, and butlers. You don't have to worry about packing to move every day. You just need to choose one of the packages of Laos river cruises, and we will do the rest!

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