Lao National Museum - A True Historical Witness

For those who are seeking a place to discover more about the soul beauty of friendly Laotians, the long-established history and diverse culture of Laos, please look no further than Lao National Museum (also called Lao National History Museum), Vientiane.

Lao National Museum Highlights

Erected in 1925, this museum belongs to an old French-era building with a large number of exhibits, artifacts and photographs ranging from prehistoric times up to the present day. 

In detail, on the ground floor, you will find numerous ancient pieces of the early regional history such as dinosaur bones lying alongside pottery shards and Khmer sculptures that hints at the past of the place. Moreover, it also includes a particularly fascinating display originating from the Plain of Jars (Savannakhet), which well features an intact jar from the site. Other highlights also show you clearly details of the country's 50 major ethnic groups, along with indigenous instruments that persuasively illustrate how they created music on their own.

lao national museum

Meanwhile, climbing up the stairs will lead you to detailed and educational displays depicting the more recent history of Laos ranging from the Siamese invasions, the French colonial period to the American military presence during the Vietnam War. No one can deny that those exhibits are lively evidences like a reminder of the difficulties that the country faced during the colonization and struggled for the independence.

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Note: As a common rule, visitors are not permitted to bring any kind of bags or cameras into the museum. Hence, let’s take note that you need to hand in your belongings for storage in the lockers at the entrance.

What to do?

Apart from participating in visiting cultural and historical exhibitions inside the Lao National Museum, you can take following good things into your consideration when being in this place.

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  • Buying something from the Museum Gift Shop

Needless to say, your travel itinerary will be more meaningful when you sending time purchasing something from this museum, which partly supports the museum because the majority of the funds will be used in going back into its upkeep.

  • Signing the Museum Guest Book

Stop, then sign the guestbook at the entrance, and even read some of the amusing exchanges on the communism - these activities perhaps will let you experience wonderful moments that no others can do. However, going beyond just leaving your name and country like writing your feelings about which things make the museum special, or giving advice on what areas could be reconstructed - everything would be much better if you had a chance to come back this place one more time.

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Further Information

  • Address: Rue Samsenthai, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane.
  • The Lao National Museum is one block from the Lao Plaza Hotel; and in front of the Tennis Club and the National Stadium.
  • Opening Hours: 
  • Daily 8:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm.  (Saturday & Sundays the   museum is opened at 8:30am). Closed on public holidays.
  • Tel: +856 21 212460
  • Entrance fee: 10.000 kip
  • How to get there: To get access to Lao National Museum, you have multiple choices. Due to reasonable prices, taking a walk or renting a bicycle, even a tuk-tuk from anywhere in the center of Vientiane metropolis is always recommended.


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