All You Need to Know about Luang Namtha Trekking

If you are wondering what place is the best for trekking in Laos, you should choose Luang Namtha, which now has a reputation as being one Southeast Asia’s premier trekking destination. With lush jungle, dense forest, rice paddies, and remote villages that can only be accessed by foot or by boat, this is an ideal place for those who love adventurous journey. Providing you want to know Luang Namtha trekking, you can consult information below.

Trekking places in Luang Namtha

Nam Ha National Protected Area – ASEAN Heritage Site

This park is the most popular trekking place in Luang Namtha and has a variety of activities for you to join in. You will have to climb up green mountain and trek through the jungle forest to explore the beautiful natures such as hidden big trees and wild life, cook in bamboo vessels, have picnic lunch on blankets of banana leaves set out by your guide, and stay overnight in the jungle camp, which may become one of remembrances of your tour to Laos. Moreover, you will hike to the peak of the highest mountain of the region and enjoy the spectacular 360 degree view.

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To make your journey more unique, kayaking along the Nam Tha River is the best option. You will have chance to see the minority villages in the countryside and fisherman along the river. It is highly recommended to visit the countryside of Khmu Tribe, where you can learn about the local’s lifestyle, culture and tradition. Especially, you can choose homestay at Ban Nalan which is a Khmu village usually reached by trekking for 3 – 4 hours into the National Protected Area.

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To have a real trek, you should trek through the mountains then follow a secret trail from Luang Namtha to Muang Sing made a hundred years ago by the French Army, offering you a splendid 360 degree view. You will pass over rainforest, hidden waterfall, mountain villages, secret stupas or even see the superb sunset and sunrise.

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Muang Sing Town

Visiting Muang Sing Town, you will have personal interactions with the villagers and experience first-hand contacts/ cultural exchange with the Akha themselves. After two or three days staying here, you can have an insight into their way of life. The attractions of the town include Muang Sing Museum, Vat Xieng Chai, Old Muang Sing Market, and Old French Garrison. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this trekking tour is about genuine cultural exchange, so tread carefully. Do not be the intruder that snaps at everything exotic without asking for permission.

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How to get the best trek?

Use a professional trekking company

The trekking companies suggested for you are Forest Retreat (Eco Tourism Specilaist), The Hiker, Into The Wild, which ranked number 1, 2, and 4 respectively on TripAdvisor.

Ask the right questions

You should ask the trekking operators right questions to maximise your trekking experience. For instance:

• Is there any primary forest in the area of the trail?

• Does the journey go inside the National Protected Area? (To know exactly what areas on map)

• How difficult is the trek? (No trek in Luang Namtha is easy)

Go with a group

It is not only cheaper but also more unforgettable if you trek with a group of like-minded persons.

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Other notes

• Carrying your own water (3 – 4.5 liters per day) for the duration of the days walking

• Preparing some food to eat when taking a rest is advisable

• Wearing long sleeves and pants while trekking

• Bringing BYO toilet paper

• Showering will usually be in a river or using a bucket of water.

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To wrap up, trekking in Luang Namtha will bring you experience that you may not have at anywhere else. You should put your fear aside to explore the beauty of nature and the diverse culture of tribes here to see that this world is beautiful.


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