Where to Join Cooking Classes in Luang Prabang?

It is obvious that Lao cuisine has grown to be a huge magnet that lures many tourists to visit a charming city of Luang Prabang - the heart of the country’s culture. Hence, would you like to be capable of dazzling your beloved family members and friends with varying mouth-watering delicacies when returning home from your fantastic time in Laos? If your answer is ‘YES’, why don’t you discover the best of Lao culinary art in this UNESCO World Heritage by taking a cooking class mentioned below?

1. Bamboo Tree

Location: Kingkitsarath Road (on the Nam Khan River), Ban Wat Sene, Luang Prabang

Tel: (020) 2242 5499

Course’s price: 250,000 kip/person including a take home recipe book of 24 Lao dishes

If you are eager for discovering how to prepare Northern Lao cuisines, then let master chefs Noy and Linda make your desire come true by teaching you in their cooking class organized at Bamboo Tree's spacious and airy restaurant. As a rule, the majority of Luang Prabang’s cooking classes follow a basic formula of a market tour, then a lesson starting from choosing dishes, visiting local market, selecting necessary ingredients, and finally cooking as well as enjoying your fruits; Bamboo Tree class has no difference. However, with more than 13 years of experience in teaching international tourists, the teachers here definitely inspire you with the confidence in recipes and cooking them as delicious as possible.

cooking class in luang prabang

2. Indigo Farm

Location: North 13 Road, Ban Pakou District, Lang Prabang, Hong Sa, Laos

Tel: +856 30 50 87 683

Indigo farm not only brings an abundance of organic products planted from its land like a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables but it also has Natural Cooking Class which gives the tourists many opportunities to know more about Lao traditional cuisines. 

Running via Indigo House hotel, it proudly offers exciting courses with the beginning of choosing handpicked ingredients from the 27-hectare farm and learning about crops as well as farming methods in Laos. Then, every step in cooking amazing Lao delicacies such as marinated pork, larb, sticky rice, or fried mushrooms will be explained clearly to help student rapidly get insight into these recipes. With the aim of teaching students how to cook traditional dishes as a way of conserving the culinary art of Laos, this farm always ensures to make a much greater impression than just providing delicious lunches for starving travelers.

cooking class in luang prabang 2

3. Tamarind Restaurant and Cooking School

Location: Kingkitsarath Road, Luang Prabang, Laos

Tel: +856 20 7777 0484

Full day class: 9-3pm, 285,000 kip, Monday - Saturday

Evening class without market tour: 4.30pm-8.30pm, 215,000 kip, Monday - Saturday

Tamarind cooking school proudly brings everyone 'A taste of Laos', an authentic cooking experience with an insight into Lao cuisine and its culinary art. 

Routinely, all classes’ participants will get started with a guided morning tour of a food market to purchase the freshest ingredients for dishes and learn how they are used. After coming back at the school, professional teachers here will teach you how to prepare for cooking six different dishes, typically Mok Pa (steamed fish in Banana leaf) and Laap Gai (minced chicken salad with fragrant herbs), or mango sticky rice. If you are vegetarian, let’s quickly inform your instructor in advance because there is a veggie-friendly menu available. How nice it is when enjoying your achievements in an open-air pavilion overlooking the Nam Khan River. Interestingly, you will receive a recipe book to bring back home for more details about several typical dishes of Laos.

cooking class in luang prabang 3

To be honest, each cooking class mentioned above, which has its own a difference will surely let you gain countless memorable experiences to recreate your favorite Lao dishes.


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