4 Interesting Things to Enjoy Nightlife in Pakse

Sunset, which is the time when the yellow ball of fire goes down in the horizon, creates a fantastic scene that the strongest words are not enough to describe its magic. This natural phenomenon is even more romantic when you can contemplate it from one site of Pakse - the second most populous city where the Mekong and Xe Don rivers meet each other in Laos. 

So, are you willing to discover Pakse nightlife? If YES, let’s get started your meaningful trip in the Kingdom of Champasak with 4 awesome things below.

1. Eating out at High-end Restaurants

After a long day of taking trip around Pakse, parhaps, the first thing you want to do when the sunset covers centers in Pakse is to leave your hotel and find somewhere to enjoy Lao cusines. Of course, Pakse with its high-end restaurants are always available such as Jasmine Restaurant, Hasan Indian Restaurant, and Le Panorama. For example, how great it is when you come to the rooftop restaurant like Le Panorama that has a wonderful venue to savor the fantastic foods and drinks, as well as the fabulous view of Mekong River. Morover, food quality always makes customer satisfied and the dining ambiance perfects their night out with good music and friendly staffs.

Please stick in your mind that these dining spots usually close at 11:30 pm as the local rule.

pakse nightlife

2. Diving in Excellent Cups of Coffee 

Enjoying aromatic cups of coffee will be the most suitable answer for your wonder about how to spend time deeply relaxing in the Kingdom of Champasak, while observing the outside world going by. When you are in Pakse, famous local coffee shops namely Kutuad Coffee, Panda Café, and Bolaven Cafes should definitely be taken into your consideration. Specificaly, these shops often serve the classic coffee and other caffeinated beverages in the eye-catching decor along with superb design. Normally, the free Wi-Fi and diverse menus in these shops become the key elements that drive more and more young people to visit in leisure time. If you are into thoroughly exploring the cafes' atmosphere, please come early to have seats because these coffee shops often close at 11:30 pm.

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3. Exploring Nightclubs 

As soon as the sun goes down, the best nightclubs in Pakse are often begun to keep party-loving people busy if they are looking for parties during their holiday. When it comes to this kind of club, young adults taking trip here are often familiar with some typical names such as Victory Hi-Tech, King Junior Nightclub or Barzaa Pub. The reason why they strongly fancy taking part in these nightspots is that they can experience memorable moments of drinking and dancing. Perhaps, a variety of participants seem to not feel asleep in this joyful ambiance even though it is quite late.

pakse nightlife 3

4. Visiting Champasak Plaza Shopping Center

Your evening in Pakse will be much more meaningful and exciting than ever if you spend time wandering along small streets and going shopping to buy some souvenirs for your family members as well as close friends. What you need is to just check out Champasak Plaza Shopping Center where numerous stalls selling souvenirs, silk, clothes, electrical goods, and pretty much everything else that Pakse owns to offer. Then, let’s pick one item and even more that depends on your favorite. Fortunately, the shopping zone in Pakse is more inexpensive than that in metropolitan areas like Luang Prabang or Vientiane; and of course, you can freely choose cute gifts without worrying about the price. 

After all, both locals and energetic tourists will definitely find it very difficult to forget their days of youth during the night out in Pakse featured with soft music, delicious cuisines, cute souvenirs, and strong coffee.

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