4 Amazing Things to Do in Phongsaly, Laos

Farthest north in Laos is Phongsaly, which shares the borders with Yunnan (China) and Dien Bien (Vietnam). Because of being surrounded by high mountains, dense forests and fast flowing river, it is why the climate of this province is regarded as an appropriate feature for physical activities. Thus, there is a vast selection of amazing things to do when you come to Phongsaly. 

4 charming objects below will fulfill your trip to the province of Phongsaly.  

1. Having a Trekking Journey

Located on the slopes of Mount Phu Fa at 1430 meters in height, Phongsaly offers you an opportunity to not only discover hidden parts of the countryside but also go through dense forests, contemplate some of Phongsaly’s highland environs and meet people in the ethnic minority group. As usual, you need to spend much energy for hiking. For instances, reaching the peak of the Mount Phu Fa requires your struggle a lot when you have to walk across 400 stone stairs. However, it is really exciting and worth the effort.

things to do in phongsaly

Moreover, the moment of watching spectacular sunrise or sunset from the summit of the hill is also one of the reasons urging visitors to move up to the mountain with the fullest trekking adventure.

Fortunately, trekking trips lasting from one day or more are all guided by the official Provincial Tourism Office with valuable and practical information. In particular, these arranged journeys are composed of detail plans with guidelines, visits and overnight stays in typical villages of traditional ethnic hill tribes such as Phou Noy, Akha, Lao Seng, Lue and Ho.

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2. Harvesting Tea Leaves

As time passes by, the green tea in Phongsaly still can make a large number of gourmets fall in love with its wonderful taste. Hence, picking tea leaves in the ancient tea plantation is an interesting experience that visitors ought not to skip when visiting this nice city. In addition to harvesting tea leaves, tourists are also able to participate in the complicated tea making process consisting of drying, roasting or stirring by hand with tea makers in the villages. As stated by some tea experts, the 400-year-old plantation in Phongsaly is the home to several of the oldest tea trees in the world. If the beauty of Northern Laos in September lies in its greeneries, this tea plantation is where for you to truly observe it. Obviously, the large root system of these old tea trees is deep into the mineral-rich soil makes a significant contribution to Phongsaly's tea a distinctive taste like no others.

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3. Staying at a Yunnan House

As a consequence of war's bombs which destroyed the majority of Yunnan houses in many cities of Laos, Phongsaly becomes one of few places remaining ancient Yunnan architectures. Thus, it is luckier than ever for you when having chances to come in or stay at some delightful Yunnan houses that are situated in the central town of Phongsaly – the capital of Phongsaly Province. Specifically, what makes these historic old quarters special is the wooden fronts which were ordinated with traditional vignettes.

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4. Visiting the Wat Ou-Tai

At the age of more than 500, the temple in Ban Ou-Tai village still maintains many secrets which evoke everyone's curiosity. In reality, the internal part of this monastery possesses a typical sanctum constructed with mud including a variety of Buddha images named as Hor Thane Keo. Interestingly, the majority of decorations inside this building seem to be all retained in their original form. Moreover, coming to this place, you will be drawn attention to many wooden columns of the shrine on stone blocks which are carved and painted with swords, flowers and flags. Additionally, a shrine built in brick has also existed, which the Tai Lue ethnic groups call it Ou Bo Sot with the aim of referring to a place that monks meet and control religious ceremonies. 

In a nutshell, it’s time to make your travel wishes come true by giving yourself chances to relax in the wonderful land named as Phongsaly!


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