The 3 Best Places for Trekking in Laos

Apart from coming to well-known tourist sites located in bustling Lao cities, making a trek in one of the most beautiful limestone mountains to immerse yourself in natural scenes as well as break your limits is a superb idea. Definitely, this landlocked country usually welcomes its dear tourists with numerous awesome mountainous landscapes that are the best for those who like challenges. 

So, what makes adventurous mountains worthy of trekking?

Not only will you build an incredible strength and endurance from climbing mountains but you also find that how awesome it is when being deep in the conquering sense of towering peaks. If you are considering where to go for trekking in Laos, let’s take a look at some recommended highlands below.

1. Phousi Mountain

Located 150m above the Luang Prabang’s center, Mount Phousi which cuts a distinctive figure on the skyline of this UNESCO World Heritage site, is often regarded as one of the most stunning places fitting many trekking lovers in Laos. It cannot be denied that after arriving in this gorgeous city, the first thing you should do is to walk up the 355 steps at 150 meters in height for the purpose of taking a really cool breathe.

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In particular, trekking here also means that visitors are capable of spending a couple of hours for the ascent and descent with several stops to admire the 360 degree panoramic views of surrounding landscapes, ancient temples; take a rest under the trees’ shades; or even watch sunrise and sunset over the Mekong River. Specifically, moving up Mount Phousi on one side and going down on another will bring climbers great experiences with hard-to-describe emotions.

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2. Pha Poak Mountain

It is obvious that climbing a stunning mountain named as Pha Poak will never make visitors disappointed because this highland always offers one of the most popular activities for people having an excursion to Vang Vieng. More excitingly, travellers not only can make use of any chances to immerse into the beauty and diversity of the local flora as well as fauna but they also contemplate a Lao flag on the mountain’s peak from the western banks of the Nam Song. Normally, it often takes adventure lovers about 30 minutes to climb the path ranging from the base to the top of the hill.

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Moreover, your trekking road even becomes more challenging when you need to pass through the steep path along with sharp jagged rocks, which requires your attention a lot. Fortunately, several ladders made of strong bamboo and wood are always available to help you climb more easily and quickly along the way. After all, reaching the mountain's top is the time to enjoy your achievements by sightseeing surrounding landscapes cross Vang Vieng city and other stunning karst mountains with the spectacular 360 degree outlook.

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3. Phangern Mountain

For those seeking for more highlands to discover on their ways of trekking, Phangern Mountain always recommended in the top list. Being across the Nam Song River from the tiny town of Vang Vieng, this mountain requires you to take a 4.5 kilometer trip by leisurely walking. Commonly, it often takes adventurous lovers about 40 minutes in the searing heat; however, the paths seem to be shorter thanks to a large number of spectacular surrounding landscapes.

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As time passes, Phangern Mountain non-stop welcomes its beloved visitors by a variety of green rice fields along the road stretching from the central town. Fantastically, contemplating the sun felling below the ridges of the mountains or moving up from the horizon from somewhere on the top hill will let you gain memorable experiences.

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Perhaps, nothing can replace the sense of being physically active and beating any day of sitting in an office by enjoying the mountainous regions’ nature all day, which only trekking can bring to you!


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