All You Need to Know about Tubing in Vang Vieng

Just about 250 kilometers away from the North of Vientiane, Vang Vieng is bordered by stunning karst hills and set on scenic Nam Song River. With a lot of beautiful landscapes and a variety of activities, especially tubing, traveling to this lovely town has become the beloved choice of many tourists. 

Tubing – A must when traveling to Vang Vieng

Tubing is one of top things to do when traveling to Vang Vieng since this interesting activity on Nam Song River satisfies any tourists who want to explore each water corner of the town in a unique way. If you are seeking for things to do to escape the heat, don’t miss going tubing. However, only legitimate companies can run the activity of tubing and the unguaranteed bars are not allowed to operate this. Besides, several of young backpackers who got drunk and then tubbed down the river uncontrollably in the past. Thus, in 2012, some important changes was made to keep the safeness of those who do river tubing by Lao Government, which means many legal places were limited.

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It is obvious that you cannot go tubing if you are not able to swim. Because Vang Vieng is different from it used to be, tourists now can enjoy tubing either at legal river bars or in the local villages. After hiring a tube which costs you about 60,000 Kip (USD $6), you can start tubing in the allowed route, often stopping at the bamboo bridge.

While tubing, beside viewing lush jungle, high mountains, magnificent karst formations along the banks, you will see lots of river bars providing good drinks, joyful parties, and interesting games to win bracelets which make this activity stress-free. Nonetheless, you can do it a whole day or as long as you like but keep in mind that you must return to the bank before 6 pm since it is very dangerous to do tubing at night.

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Tips to have the amazing river tubing in Vang Vieng

In addition to the cost of hiring a tube, you have to pay 60,000 Kip for deposit and then sign a waiver that releases the tub owners of any accountability. The deposit can be paid back if you return the tub by 6 pm.

Furthermore, you should bring swimsuit, T-shirt, dry bags to protect your mobile phone from water, waterproof camera, and headache medicine for your tubing.

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Last but not least, you can go tubing alone to enjoy yourself, sipping the cocktail while contemplating the surrounding stunning  scenery,  but it is always the best to go river tubing with a fun group and take part in activities along the tubing route together, which will be relatively enjoyable experience. Provided that you visit Vang Vieng alone, you can look for a group in your hotel and join with them.

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In a nutshell, if you are want to have a wonderful Lao tour, chilling out for several days in Vang Vieng in general and go tubing there in particular is not a bad idea. Enjoy your tubing but don’t forget some above tips so that you will have an unforgettable tubing experience in this tourism-dedicated town.

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