Blue Lagoon – The Most Renowned Spot in Vang Vieng 

Located on Vang Vieng, Blue Lagoon is an ideal place for travelers to escape the Laos heat for a couple of hours. If you have chance to visit Vang Vieng, you should not miss this place since it is the most well-known spot in this town. Being a combination between a lagoon with very blue water and “Cave of the Golden Crab” nearby waiting for your exploration, this destination is very worth being recorded in your visiting list.

1. Things to see and do at Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

At the bottom of the track to the cave is the lagoon which has blue water and schools of tiny fish. Entry to the water is either via wooden ladders or directly from one of trees overhanging the lagoon. For those who are not confident swimmers, there are life jackets for rent. Nevertheless, the lagoon can get very deep at certain points so staying near one of the ladders is advisable.

blue lagoon vang vieng

Apart from swimming in cold water, you can relax on the rope swings underneath the branches or have a seat on the grass. In addition, you can play volleyball with your travel buddies or the other visitors you meet since there is a volleyball ground. You may prepare food and drink before getting there but they can be bought easily at a couple of small stalls near the lagoon.

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Tham Phu Kham Cave

Before jumping right in the lagoon, you can work up a sweat by exploring Tham Phu Kham cave in the mountain right above the lagoon. The cave is also called Cave of the Golden Crab because many stalactites and stalagmites here look like golden crabs. There is a 200-meter climb equipped with handrails on the forested hill leading to the cave. Additionally, the climb is steep set of stairs made of rocks but they are quite large and slippery so shoes with some grip are recommended.

blue lagoon vang vieng 3

When entering the cave, you will be surprised at how large it is. Also, past the entrance is the first chamber which contains a large bronze reclining Buddha, lit up by the sunlight from a hole in the ceiling. Especially, the ceiling has a lot of beautiful formation so make sure to look up!

Past the first chamber is absolute darkness so a torch or flashlight is very essential to discover the galleries and chamber deeper into the mountain. If you do not have both of them, please do not quickly worry since a head flashlight can be rented at the bottom of the stairs. Moreover, exploring the other parts of the cave means you will have to climb over ledges, crawl through low crevices and even wade through the water so take great care!

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2. How to get there?

Blue Lagoon is near the village of Ban Na Thong, at the end of Tham Poukham road around 7 kilometers West of Vang Vieng town. If you are not tight on time and would like to take a sightseeing peaceful villages, green field and limestone mountains along the road, you can rent a bicycle (about US $1.3) or mountain bike (about US $4) for the day. However, rental shops may require you to leave your passport as a deposit. Besides, they will also provide you with a map to use. Another way to reach the lagoon which is faster and more convenient is by tuk tuk or sonthaew taxi from Vang Vieng. On the way to the lagoon, you will have to pay a toll to cross the bridge through the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng town.

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There are minor roads to some caves and other lagoons including the fake Blue Lagoon so you should consult the instruction to the real one on the Internet in advance.

Entrance fee and opening hours

Opening hours are daily from 8 am to 6 pm and you will have to spend 10,000 Kip (US $1.3) per person to visit the lagoon and the cave.

• To sum up, a trip to Blue Lagoon will definitely help you cool off on hot days when visiting Vang Vieng, Laos. Moreover, it also offers you opportunities to release yourself into the nature which helps you relax and get more energy to continue your own tours to this charming country.


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