Vang Vieng Nightlife: The 5 Best Bars for Parties

Like a special highlight from a tranquil Lao silk masterpiece, Vang Vieng proudly shows off its natural charm nearby the laid-back Nam Song River stretching away to the distant horizon. Definitely, take a trip and enjoy a unique nightlife by attending bustling bars in the heart of this land after a day of adventurous activities will never make you disappointed. 


Needless to say, Sakura is always regarded as a renowned spot where the dance party gets started in Vang Vieng. Interestingly, after entering the entrance gate, step further into this bar there and you will immediately find that a large number of the bartenders and staffs here are non-native Laotians, which makes you feel like being in a college house party.

vang vieng nightlife

As a rule, 8pm - 9pm is the time that drinks are free for all. So let's pick one kind of drink and even more if you are in the mood, noticeably a cup of beer costs 10,000 kip or a glass of spirits is around 30,000 kip. The most ideal option for enjoying party is to get as drunk as possible for less than 20$ in 2 hours. If you buy enough drinks, you can get one of their unique T-shirts matching tank tops: “Sakura Bar, Vang Vieng, Laos: Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single.”

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At first impression, this bar’s name partly evokes its quintessence for the feeling of a site being friendly to nature. That’s why if you are seeking for somewhere to be out of this globe, Space Bar is appropriate for you. In terms of design, this bar is sophisticatedly constructed from clay and drift wood, which makes its customers feel more harmonic with the natural surroundings. Perhaps, nothing can replace the romantic moment of enjoying the candlelit garden’s sumptuous scenery while diving in the superb types of beverage. In addition, party participants in this place are free to order well-known snacks such as toasties, waffles, and curries.

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Gary’s Irish Bar, also called The Rising Sun, deserves being keen by everyone as a friendly place to arrive. You usually fancy the unpretentious atmosphere, right? Regardless of your tight travel schedule, let's give yourself a chance to enjoy a bar combining all nice elements from well-priced drinks, big screens to watch the sport, live music nights to enthusiastic staffs. Moreover, a place of incomparable friendliness and generosity like this upscale venue also offers its customers nice "home-style" pub food including not only yummy Irish cuisines but also Lao dishes with striking recipes.

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Whether you believe it or not, the majority of the tourists express their opinion is that Bucket Bar should be listed as the nicest bar in Vang Vieng. This outlook may be right because this bar always serves everyone as its best with incredible staffs, festive ambiance, and affordable prices for all ranging from services to food and beverage. Specifically, for those who come there can also enjoy freely dancing all night long to have a sense of being on top of the world.

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After the sun - a yellow ball of fire changes to hues of orange, and then merges with the sky like juice-mix dissolving in a glass of water, Smile Bar becomes full of visitors who want to continue their funny trip in Vang Vieng. Here, you can meet the DJs who are playing vibrant music to cheer up the souls. With enticing kinds of beverage, no one can refuse to drink a little bit while chatting with friends or even strangers until the midnight. Therefore, let's drop by this bar to self-enjoy the distinctive nightlife right now!

vang vieng nightlife 7

Hope that 5 superb bars listed above will let you feel more thoroughly about the appealing town of Vang Vieng in both daytime and nighttime.


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