How to Get from Luang Prabang to Vientiane

Laos attracts tourists by its peaceful beauty, ancient temples and pagodas along with friendly people. If you have chance to visit “land of a million elephants”, you should not miss two destinations LuangPrabang, an ancient town, and the capital Vientiane. If these places are included in your trip, you may wonder how to get from LuangPrabang to Vientiane but keep in mind that which transport is the most suitable depends on your time, budget, and travelstyle. Below are information for transportation from LuangPrabang to Vientiane for you to consult. 

1. By bus

There are two options if you would like travel toVientiane by bus: by VIP air-conditioned buses and by ordinary ones:

In terms of VIP air-conditioned buses, the fare is various, normally from 90,000 – 120,000 kip (US $10.8 - $14.4) but it can be more expensive. Since the distance is about 340 kilometers, the journey can last around 9 – 10 hours, which is dependent on the driver’s mood. Another reason that it takes so long to get to Vientiane is because of the winding countryside roads before you reach VangVieng (6 hours). Then from VangVieng to Vientiane, it takes 4 hours but the journey becomes a bit more boring as there are not so many beautiful landscapes to look at.

If you choose ordinary bus, you will only have to spend 70,000 kip (US $8.41). Nonetheless, the problem is that most of ordinary buses do not have air conditioners so you should sit next to the window to get fresh air. In addition, there are also many other backpackers but you can receive advice from them on what to add to your itinerary when you finally arrive in Vientiane.

luang prabang to vientiane

Notes: You can buy tickets for the buses at any travel agency in LuangPrabang. There are many buses at different time for you to choose, which last from 7am to 19pm.

2. Short flight from Luang Prabang to Vientiane

Because sitting on bus for a long time (about 10 hours) absolutely makes you tired, you can take the plane, the most convenient transport, to save more time and energy to enjoy your Laos holiday.

Every week, there are 27 flights from LuangPrabang to Vientiane of which Lao Aviation has 20 and the rest belongs to Lao Sky (a private airline).As a rule, these flights depart from LuangPrabang International Airport and land at Wattay International Airport inVientiane.The schedules and the prices are varying to meet the tourists’ demand. Especially the price can be adjusted at the time deciding to book the tickets, that’s why you need to check at each airline’s website for more detail.

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Notes: One tip to get great deal on airfare is searching on FareCompare instead of multiple websites. Besides, in order to take advantage of the best offers, you should book your ticket 30 – 45 days in advance.

3. Using slow boat or one of Mekong River Cruises

Another interesting way to getfrom LuangPrabang to Vientiane is to travel on Mekong River by slow boat since you will have more chances to contemplate lots of scenes along the river and dive into the locals’cultures at each stop. Moreover, you can choose one of Mekong River cruises to have 11-day trip from Chiang Rai (Thailand) to Vientiane (Laos) which also stops at LuangPrabang. During this trip, you will visit many places with wonderful beauty, which will definitely satisfy you and be worth your time and money.

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To sum up, each way to get to Vientiane from LuangPrabang has its own unique features which fit travelers’ distinctive styles.Though these journeys are quite different but they will definitely bring you memorable moments during the trip to Laos.


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