The 3 Best Cafes in Vientiane

Have you ever thought about how to spend time profoundly unwinding in capital of Laos, while watching the outside world going by? 

Perhaps, enjoying a great cup of coffee will be the most suitable answer for you as well as the bulk of people who are interested in a laid-back atmosphere. Here are some typically recommended cozy cafes in Vientiane to make your trip to this “Land of A Million Elephants” more enjoyable and memorable.

1. Le Trio Coffee

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 18:00 daily

Address: Rue Setthathirat near Nam Phu, Postal BOX 1730, Vientiane.

Tel: +856 30 50 16 046

If you are seeking for somewhere in Vientiane capital to deeply unwind beside a cup of coffee with the most aromatic flavor, let’s look no further than Le Trio Coffee. Indeed, being viewed as the first ’boutique roaster’ in Vientiane, this café always uses a magnificent German roasting machine to produce the highest quality coffee made of Robusta and Arabica beans.

cafes in vientiane

How powerful Le Trio’s coffee blend is when numerous other cafés in Laos buy coffee beans from this coffee shop. Especially, all staffs here are usually eager for giving advices and making the fantastic cups of coffee for customers by their latte-art skills. In addition, you can also pick up a few bags of different roasts and blend costing from 60,000 to 80,000 kip to make great souvenirs.

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2. Cafe Nomad

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 17:00 daily

Address: House No. 342, Unit No. 1, Ban Dongpalanthong, Meuang Sisattanak, Vientiane

Tel: +856 20 54 349 977

Not only is Cafe Nomad an ideal site for having lunch with a little private atmosphere but it also a caffeine heaven which always lures customers with its unique coffee style.

cafes in vientiane 3

Coming here, you will never feel disappointed when being offered a diverse range of flavors to choose such as espresso, Americano, caramel macchiato, macchiato, or cappuccino. Noticeably, the latte is concocted in a perfect temperature, which makes its taste creamy and mildly delicate at all time. Its taste will even more delicious when you sit in a cozy atmosphere created from yellow walls, a plain cement ceiling and classical lights. Last but not least, you can also take advantages of the cafe’s free computer station with two flat screen computers connected with the internet and a printer to use.

cafes in vientiane 4

3. Common Grounds Cafe & Bakery

Opening Hours: 7:00 – 20:00 daily

Address: 101 Chao Anou Road, Wat Chan, Vientiane

Tel: +856 21 255 057

Earthy wall tones, bright windows as well as jazzy mood music are all things that come to mind upon your first impression of the Common Grounds Cafe & Bakery. What is more, this shop recently put a roof over their well-constructed children’s playground, which helps mums and dads have more time to relax with a fantastic cup of coffee. Specifically, in terms of coffee flavor in this café, it stands out as a combination of certainly palatable and slightly bitter tastes. Furthermore, not only does Common Grounds Cafe & Bakery care about the quality of their food and drink, they also invest in their staff and community. Needless to say, whether you are stopping in for the excellent quality, lightning-fast service, or something like that, you will never leave this ideal destination with an unsatisfied feeling.

cafes in vientiane 5

All things considered, top 3 cafes mentioned above definitely make something distinct from the rest in general.


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