Top 3 Worth Visiting Attractions in Xieng Khouang, Laos

Lying across a flat high plateau in the northeast of Laos is the province of Xieng Khouang, where consists of elevated green mountain, luxuriant valleys, and beautiful landscape somewhat marred by the bomb craters as the deadly legacy of the Vietnam War. Like various other attractive tourist places of Laos, Xieng Khouang offers its dear visitors a vast selection of funny activities as well as fantastic destinations to explore when taking a trip to this mysterious land.

Undoubtedly, these 3 following attractions in Xieng Khouang deserve to be noted in any travellers’ list.


No one can miss the Plain of Jars - a large area around Phonsavan and the main city of Xieng Khouang Province is dotted with enigmatic stone jars at the age of more than 2000 when coming to this charming land. Interestingly, thousands of jars explored here seem to be scattered in random positions, several ones reach enormous dimensions (up to 3m tall, 1m wide, and weigh more than a few metric tons). Moreover, a large number of human bones, stone lids and discs all make the Plain of Jars become more distinctive and scared.

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Up to now, what purposes of these stone jars were and who constructed them have remained a mystery that non-stop evokes everyone’s curiosity. According to the majority of local people, ancient jars played a role as storing rice and water to prepare for dry seasons. On the other hand, many others hold the belief that they are used in burial rituals because of skeletons’ appearance inside. Due to their size and the nearby bones, however, many archaeologists stated that the urns were prehistoric burial places for an ancient civilization that travelled along a forgotten overland trade road between the Mekong River and the Gulf of Tonkin.

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In general, for those with a taste for archaeology the remarkable mysteries, the Plain of Jars is sure to justify the effort required to get to remote Xieng Khouang.


Created in 1993, Mulberries Organic Silk Farm emphasizes the significance of preserving the vanishing art of Laotian weaving and encouraging the traditional silk fiber production for centuries as well as enhancing income for the surrounding areas’ workforces. More impressively, this non-profit organization also has made a considerable effort to protect environment and natural resources form harms for the next generations by growing their own chemical-free mulberry trees.

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If you take an interest in silk manufacturing process, you can observe the whole making progression and gain more comprehension of it by joining in any simple step right here in the house. The most outstanding product in mulberries gift shops is multi-colored 100% silk scarves made uses of natural ingredients like typically indigenous plants (such as indigo, jackfruit, and tamarind). Especially, some patterns and home furnishing fabrics in high quality can be flexibly ordered.

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Not only does Muang Khoun have a reputation for the Old Xieng Khouang, but it also is regarded as the provincial capital in the French colonialism, the Royal Capital and the center of Phuan Kingdom. 

First and foremost, one spiritual place that a wide range of people will definitely visit when arriving in Muang Khoun is That Foun, which can be caught sight of those who are on top of a hill - a central point in this town.  It is nothing but an impressive 30-metre tall stupa made of brick with a hole right through its base, apparently digged by aggressive Chinese bandits.

Further up the hill is another stupa named as Chom Phet. Not until was its surrounding grass mowed and the temple itself weeded would comers find any rewarding beauty to contemplate.

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In addition, a couple of kilometers further down the main road in Muang Khoun which is far away from Phonsavan will lead you reach Wat Piawat.  At the wat, the image of a sitting Buddha that is surrounded by brick columns reaching skywards certainly caters your curiosity. 

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Standing in a suspension bridge at the Ban Phai village, you cannot refuse chances to see wonderful lush fields and creeks along with meet plain villagers doing basketry and weaving.

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