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Taking a pride in the valued biodiversity, multicolor culture, and magnificent landscapes from naturally mighty beauties to artificial constructions like unique French-colonial architectures, Vietnam is not only exotic but also appealing to everyone setting foot in. What is more, such is the miracle land that can always show off the Northern terraces in the harvesting season stretching to poetic rivers of central regions or the vibrant Mekong Delta in the South. 

For the purpose of choosing a right time to make your journey more enjoyable with several outstanding destinations, nonetheless, it is really worthy of a careful consideration. Needless to find information in any other websites, let’s quickly take a look at ones below.



For the first comers who are planning to explore every corner of a heart-touching Hanoi, they definitely ask themselves when they should set foot in this charming land.

best time to visit vietnam

Due to showing numerous distinctive features of humid subtropical climate, Hanoi’s weather is annually divided into 4 varying seasons including Spring (Jan - Apr), Summer (May - Jul), Autumn (Aug - Oct), and Winter (Nov - Jan). Of course, if you are an expert in travelling field, you will never choose a period of time that the outdoor temperature rises up to 38°C or falls down at even 8°C. It is the reason why thousands of visitors, who have crazes for contemplating Hanoi’s beauty, are often recommended for coming here from August to November or March and April. In other words, the pleasant weather with gentle breeze and sunny days of these months definitely let you freely enjoy Hanoi to the fullest with no effects caused by outside conditions.

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So, why don’t you quickly book a tour to a 1000-year–old Hanoi coming in all colors from the green of natural stunning landscapes like Ham Lon mountain to a warm yellow of long-lasting architectures typically French-colonial Old Quarter, which makes Hanoi a symbol of culture and a source of pride? Let’s go!

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Halong Bay

Widely viewed as one of the world's natural wonders in general and Vietnam’s scenic crown in particular, Halong Bay always takes a pride in owning numerous stunning scenery made from magnificent limestone and jungles, in which the towering peaks offer several best types of rock climbing in Southeast Asia. As a result, this UNESCO World Heritage has captivated the majority of travellers as a pinnacle of adventurous experience for dozens of decade.

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Also situated in the Northern Vietnam, this precious jewel has no difference in the climate when comparing to Hanoi capital. Instead, there is an obvious distinction in traveling style between native and non-native visitors.

Normally, Vietnamese people tend to regard the period from April to October as an ideal time to visit because of pleasant weather, a lot of sunlight and especially no mist; on the contrary, wintery months have more attractive things to foreigners. The reason lies in special explorations that the winter often allows them to get insight into mysterious landscapes created by the limestone pinnacles hiding in the mist of the early morning. In addition, indigenous tourists choose peak season lasting from June to early August (Summer) to go to this spectacular bay as a perfect way of escaping from the terribly high heat; meanwhile, non-native people often take advantage of a few amount of domestic people coming there to profoundly feel a gorgeous Ha Long Bay with no hustle and bustle. Even, people who live in the area of Northern hemisphere where is full of freezing snow, also choose this UNESCO World Heritage to delight in slightly warm sunshine with funny activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing, or caving.

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When it comes to Sapa, everyone has a tendency for thinking of it as a country girl that reunites all charming, gentle, even ‘sour and scornful’ characteristics. The time that she becomes surly also means Sapa’s weather turns into bad conditions like freezing snow or heavy rains leading horrible floods and erosions. Therefore, let’s stick in mind that you should avoid coming there in the winter (Dec – Feb) when it can go below 0°C and the rainy season starting between July and August.

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Spring – the time when half the Sapa world is awakening from the dark with blossoming trees and early flowers pushing through the earth, always marks an ideal season for resting away from home. Moreover, if you have an eager for observing the mighty Fansipan peak or yellow terraced fields in a sense of enjoying cool winds that only Sapa possesses, let’s put late September and early October into your travel plan. Generally, if we viewed Spring as the time for the most gorgeous Sapa, then Autumn shows off this mountainous region in its most bustle.

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Ninh Binh

The ancient capital of Ninh Binh where resembles a green corner of the world as owning Cuc Phuong National Park being home to a myriad of endangered flora and fauna species, is the next attraction for you to taking a deep rest. 

Like in all northern zones of Vietnam, Ninh Binh has its own beauty in each period with moderate levels of humidity and temperature. Nevertheless, there are 2 most suitable time to make your itinerary perfect:

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February to April: Coming to there in spring when the weather become dry along with cool winds, you will not be capable of refusing to participate in local traditional festivals. Spend time on popular attractions like Trang An, Bai Dinh Pagoda (the biggest of its kind in South East Asia), Temples of King Dinh & Le for festivals, they never makes you disappointed!

May to July: If you are a loyal fan of the photographic art, let’s stop at Ninh Binh in this period when almost lush rice paddies of Tam Coc Bich Dong apparently covered by a yellow color created from a smooth carpet of ripe rice undulating in the breeze. Then, do not miss out on taking some photos of harvesting reason here.

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When has the poetic charm of Hue - majestic and magnificent Vietnam’s citadel blended with the tourists’ souls, just by simple sounds releasing from Thien Mu Pagoda’ bell or Hue folk songs during the cruise on the romantic Perfume River? The graceful land also lures thousands of tourists every year for its relics of glorious royal dynasty, and the excellent culinary art. Therefore, knowing exactly when you should arrive in this destination is extremely significant.

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Having no distinction from the weather of Vietnam’s central regions, Hue has 2 seasons consisting of dry and wet. Specifically, while the dry (March - August) features pretty high temperature that can reach up to over 35°C, the wet season (August - November) is responsible for the heavy rains and even tropical storms that you need to remember bringing an umbrella at any time. 

However, Hue still offers the golden time for everyone dropping by to relax on the sunny beaches in May, to enjoy the breath - taking sunset in Tam Giang Lagoon from February to July, or to discover Emperor’s Tombs from August to October. To wrap up, the time running from July to September when it gets the mild temperature and the lower rain precipitation will be the best time to make your plan exploring Hue Citadel come true.

Quang Binh

Endowed with the absolutely spectacular nature, 'an existing heaven' of Quang Binh left myriads of hard-to-describe emotions for those who have ever come there, especially explored Phong Nha Cave - UNESCO heritage site or Son Doong Cave - the most mysterious and obscured cave systems in the planet, at least one time.

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Undoubtedly, it cannot be deniable that the monsoon-tropical zone seems to be a special gift of the Creator, which divides this province into 2 seasons each year: dry (April - August) and wet (September - March). Noticeably, the unflawed time to get insight into Quang Binh is between April and August when the warm weather has a few chances of raining. Thanks to this good news, you can independently make exploration on some dreamy beaches here namely Nhat Le and Da Nhay.

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Hoi An

Hoi An, where has preserved its architectural legacy of tottering Japanese merchant houses, Chinese temples and ancient tea shops, is Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful ancient town. 

Basing on Hoi An's weather which is divided into 2 seasons: dry season (January - July) and rainy one (August - December), many previous travellers concluded that the best time to pay a visit to this ancient town is from February to April. At that time, rarely do rains come and pleasing weather non-stop urging you to mixing yourself with the pace of the local life by wandering along the Old Quarter’s tiny streets, taking a sunset-contemplating boat trip on the tranquil Hoai River or discovering Hoi An local markets via trying at some yummy delicacies.

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Besides, the fishing season lasting from June to August is also a perfect time to unwind with countless water-based activities. After being satisfied with these blood-pumping ones, nothing can replace the feeling of experiencing a large number of newly-catching delicious seafood at high-end restaurants.

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Ho Chi Minh

State-of-the-art skyscrapers, gorgeous colonial architecture, oriental-style pagodas and mouth-watering street cuisines selling on every corner of streets, all of them reunite to create Ho Chi Minh City - a dynamic metropolitan area in very special sense. Specifically, they are like a harmonic combination between American and Chinese influence, with many dots of modernity yet without losing Vietnamese cultural traits.

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As far as we are concerned, Ho Chi Minh City annually witnesses 2 seasons being typical for the tropical climate of the Southern Vietnam, particularly dry (December - April) and wet (May - November), in which dry season  is appreciated the best time to visit this bustling land. Apart from helping you avoid sticky weather, this period is also surely a fascinating occasion as for you to celebrate Christmas and New Year explosively with local people here. Although dry season tends to be the well-known choice, rainy season still has its advantages, considering that this city is endowed rare nice climate with daytime rains being easy come easy go.

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Mekong Delta

From the early time, Mekong Delta soon proved its essential role in Indochina people’s tranquil local life, which resembles a ‘rice bowl of Vietnam’ including numerous paddy fields, colorful fruit orchards, plain villages as well as vibrant floating markets. How nice it is when you arrange your itinerary to step foot in this land between September and November when the floating season takes place with many unique water-based activities. What is more, if you hate the uncomfortable feeling of facing with too high temperature or humidity, you ought to select the time of December - April. However, such may be nice thing that you try mixing yourself with the rain season (May – August) because the precipitation has no considerable problem when normally occurring in a short time.

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Possessing a coastline of more than 3.260 kilometers in length as well as over 3000 striking islands with tranquil white sand and stretches of flourishing palm, Vietnam is exactly a coastal paradise to delight in. How can we forget a non-crowded island of Co To; a Nha Trang fulfilled by amazing diving sites, offshore and stunning beaches; a Vietnamese largest island named as Phu Quoc with tons of activities based on water? Of course not!

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Obviously, the opposing monsoonal season, which means different weather patterns from the North to the South, will require you distinctive time for your adventures to Vietnamese beaches.

Commonly, Northern beaches often welcome their dear visitors who cannot tolerate the scorching heat of summer (June – August) instead of extremely cold wintery days. By contrast, because of locating near the equator which creates the high temperature for the Southern regions, the beaches in this area are always year-round attractive destinations for keeping cool. However, to find out which months are the best for taking a trip, it must be the period of time from February to April, when every weather’s features composing of mild winds, quite pleasant warmth (22°C - 28°C), and low level of moisture as well. Then, what you finally need to do is taking advantage of the good weather to join in a variety of funny activities like building a sandcastle, experiencing scuba-diving or snorkeling, or even start practicing yoga and squat on the beach.

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To sum up, please do not let your time wastefully passes without travelling to Vietnam where boasts a peaceful living environment and a dynamic way of life, in which human values are respected and cherished.

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