Top 10 Fascinating Things to Do in Vietnam

Stretching along the dreamy coastlines of China Sea, Vietnam is emerging as a top-rated destinations in Asia thanks to its wealth of enthralling attractions, venerable historical sites and deep-rooted tradition.

Every region in this beautiful country from North to South will surely guarantee you unforgettable memories. However, if you pay a visit to the right destinations as well as experience the right things, then your trip will be even more fun and enjoyable. 

Today, we would like to administer you the list of 10 best things to do in Vietnam.

1. Stroll Around Hanoi Old Quarter

Located at the heart of Vietnam’s capital city, a visit to Hanoi Old Quarter seems to be a must if you are willing to learn more about the life, history and culture of Vietnamese people.

The first things you will realize when setting foot in this unassuming place is its harmonious combination of ancient architecture and modern characteristics. Indeed, besides luxurious hotels, restaurants and shopping centers, you can easily spot some old small houses, Buddhist temples, gates dating back to 18th century. 

things to do in vietnamA Small Street in Hanoi Old Quarter

things to do in vietnam 2An Unassuming Local Shop on the side walk

Strolling around the Old Quarter also allows you to observe a bustling life of Hanoians as well as fun spectacles of trading along narrow little streets. Some beautiful symbol of Hanoi can be easily seen in the streets such as yoke women, traditional Vietnam tricycle, conical hats, etc. You will also have access to a variety of great street food stalls and beer shops on both side of the streets.

things to do in vietnam 3

Ta Hien - The Expat's Favorite Beer Corner

things to do in vietnam 4Yoke Woman Can Easily Be Found on the Street

2. Enjoy a Cruise in Halong Bay

Taking a cruise in Halong Bay is one of the great things to do in Halong Bay that you should not miss. This charming attraction boasts a wealth of million-year-old limestone islets, caves and romantic beaches creating a picturesque spectacle that you can’t help skipping.

things to do in vietnam 5The One-of-a-kind Limestone Islets in Halong Bay

The luxury cruises in Halong Bay are appointed with everything you need for a safe, enjoyable and interesting trip. Indeed, you will have a chance to relax or sunbathe on sundeck’s long desks, admire the picturesque landscape in Halong Bay and get acquainted with new friends from all over the world.

things to do in vietnam 6A Scenic Cruise at Dawn 

things to do in vietnam 7

There are many other activities that you can experience during the cruise such as squid fishing, visiting caves, swimming, kayaking, cooking etc. 

things to do in vietnam 8

Kayaking through Caves in Halong Bay

things to do in vietnam 9A Couple is Kayking in Sunset

3. Explore the Marine Life in Nha Trang

Renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Nha Trang should be an ideal destination to not only enjoy picturesque spectacles of Vietnam’s central coasts but also discover a one-of-a-kind marine life.

things to do in vietnam 10

Once setting foot in this paradise, besides swimming and sunbathing on white-sanded coasts, you should experience scuba-diving and snorkeling to explore a rich biodiversity in Nha Trang with a variety of sea creatures.

things to do in vietnam 11

things to do in vietnam 12

things to do in vietnam 13Exploring Marine Life in Hon Mun Island, Nha Trang

4. Go Shopping at Floating Markets of Mekong Delta

These unique floating markets can be seen in the Mekong Delta Basin of Southern Vietnam, which opens almost every day (from early morning till 9 or 10 AM). Hence, the best time to visit floating markets is around 7 AM, the most crowded time of the day, which allows you to see a bustling trading scene.

things to do in vietnam 14Bustling Scene of Floating Markets in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Goods in floating markets are mostly flowers, vegetable, fruit, foods and local specialties. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to sample the best of Mekong Delta’s cuisines (Hu Tieu, My Van Than, Pho etc.) and contemplate the idyllic spectacle of Mekong Delta.

things to do in vietnam 16

Furthermore, you can easily observe daily activities learn of farmers and Vietnamese fishermen to learn more about their unique culture and customs.

things to do in vietnam 15

5. Conquer Vietnam’s Highest Mountain in Sapa

Located in the most adventurous mountainous area of Sapa, Fansipan is renowned as the highest mountain in Indochina (at an elevation of 3,143m). Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Vietnam, do not forget to conquer this majestic peak.

things to do in vietnam 17Mount Fansipan - The Roof of Indochina

Fansipan boasts a rich biodiversity of thousands species of flora, lush primitive jungle, stunning rock formations. The trekking route to conquer its height offers you the chance to pass by several quiet mountainous village of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, where you can extend your knowledge of their uncommon customs and lifestyle.

Sapa is also well-known for its picturesque scenery, captivating valleys, lush terraced rice paddies and bustling local markets. Hence, strolling around this beautiful town must be also an unforgettable memory.

For those who are interested in conquering the Fansipan as well as other majestic destinations in Vietnam,
consider our best adventure tours here:

things to do in vietnam 19Breathtaking View on the Peak of Fansipan

6. Paddle in Tam Coc Bich Dong – Ninh Binh

Tam Coc Bich Dong – the so-called “Halong Bay on land” - is one of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam. It is home to numerous spectacular limestone islets standing among lush rice paddies. The best time to cruise this charming site is from late May to early July, where you can contemplate a lively golden picture of ripening rice paddies. 

things to do in vietnam 20Tam Coc Bich Dong in the Season of Rippening Rice

Paddling in Tam Coc Bich Dong is the one and only way to slowly discover this charming land as well as contemplate the surrounding picturesque landscape. You will also have a chance to cruise through 3 stunning grottos housing a huge system of stalactites and stalagmites dating back to millions years ago.

things to do in vietnam 22Cruising through Caves in Tam Coc Bich Dong

7. Ride the Hai Van Pass on a Motorbike

Renowned as the most beautiful passes in Vietnam, Hai Van, which runs along the enthralling coasts and astonishing mountain ranges of Central Vietnam, connects 2 famous touristy cities Hue and Da Nang.

things to do in vietnam 23Hai Van - One of the Most Stunning Route for Riding on Motorbike

This is a great chance for you to admire the top-ranking spectacle in Vietnam. Furthermore, riding a motorbike on winding Hai Van roads allows you to easily take photos, relax and enjoy ocean breeze en route.

things to do in vietnam 24

8. Explore Hoi An Cuisine

Widely well-known for its antique charming streets, The Vietnam’s Ancient Port - Hoi An is also home to a lot of toothsome specialties that you should not skip in your trip to Vietnam.

things to do in vietnam 25The Streets of Lanterns in Hoi An

You can easily start your culinary tour in every alleyways in Hoi An as street food stalls can be found everywhere. Hoi An cuisine is the harmonious combination of Northern Central and Southern flavours which guarantees you numerous feelings. Local market is the place to find a wide range of traditional foods, ingredients, vegetable and spices.

Some not-to-be-missed specialties in Hoi An can be listed as: Cao Lau (A dry and fatty version of Pho), Hoi An styled Rice with chicken, Che Ngo (Sweet soup with corn and jelly), My Quang, especially Banh Mi Hoi An (the flavoursome Vietnamese version of French baguette).

things to do in vietnam 26

9. Go Trekking in Cat Tien National Park

If you are a nature lover and really into learning more about the untamed immense forest in Vietnam, then coming to Cat Tien National Park in Southern Vietnam will be a great idea.

The park, situating on the Can Tho River basin, is home to a lot of rare species of flora and fauna in Vietnam such as Gaur, Siamese Crocodile, clouded leopard, Asian black bear, rhino, etc.

things to do in vietnam 28

Joining a trekking tour in the park allows you to approach the forbidden jungle, remote waterfalls as well as the notorious crocodile swamp.

things to do in vietnam 27

Crocodile Lake in Cat Tien National Park

You will also have an opportunity to observe a bustling nightlife in Cat Tien by a drive at night or go camping overnight in the National Park – an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

things to do in vietnam 29

10. Visit Cu Chi Tunnel

Located 70km north west of Ho Chi Minh City, this incredible 250-kilometer tunnel system was secretly constructed by the Southern Vietnamese troops or Viet-Minh during American War to hide from the US Army. This complex consists of hospital, kitchen, office, bedrooms and everything the troop needs for a safe and secluded hiding place. However, the Vietnamese troops had to suffer from diseases, sickness and the serious lack of foodstuffs due to its shadowy narrow paths.

Visiting Cu Chi, you will have a chance to learn more about the intense battle of Vietnamese people against the foreign invaders as well as the illustrious victorty of the country.

things to do in vietnam 30

Beyond these fascinating activities, there are many other destinations in Vietnam waiting to be discovered.
So, when should you pay a visit to this beautiful country? Read our post to find out:

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