Top 8 Awesome Things to Do in 4000 Islands, Laos

Imagine living at the peace of the Mekong Riverwith the seasonal water flow, it immediately reminds travellers of Laos- a mountainous and landlocked nation in the Southeast Asia sharing borders with Vietnam to the East.How can a country which seems to be heard a little can be exquisite and appeal foreigners from the first sight?

Sometimes, we can hear a few fascinating stories about the trips to this tiny country but there are still a lot of curiosities that we have never figured out. Here is the time for us to discover about Laos with awesome things to dothat can inspire you to visit this special country in your next excursion.

1. Riding a Bike across Don Det and Don Khon

Don Det is jointed with Don Khonby a historic French railway bridge built in 1910. Therefore, it is so easy for visitors to ride a bicycle reaching both whole islands. Not mention to relaxing by the mesmerizing Mekong River, they can also take a trip to see the freshwater dolphins from the tip of Don Khon. If you want to linger a little more to view the stunningriver scenery, it is the best to take a small cafe or restaurant to rest for a while.

things to do in 4000 islands

2. Seeing Traces of French Colonial Architecture

If you are an architect lover, you can skip visiting the French Colonial Architectures here, mainly as a mix of French colonial, Buddhist (in temples), traditional Lao and modern architectures, with some influences from Thailand and other countries.

3. Watching the Sunset

Another incredible thing to do in the 4000 Islands, watching sunsets, is what a wide range of travellers from all over the world visit for. When it comes to the perfect place for contemplating the sunset, Don Det is proudlylisted as the number one. From the first experience watching the sunset here, you will be immediately impressed by the refreshing and charming scenery in front of you and cannot take your eyes off this sky’s beauty.

things to do in 4000 islands 2

4. Staying in a Riverside Bungalow on Don Det

If you love the slow-spaced as well as peaceful lifestyle in Laos, it is for sure that staying in a Riverside Bungalow in Don Detis one of the best things you must do. Finding a bungalow on the sunset side of DonDetfor around 40,000 Kip ($5 USD) is so easy and not costly for a valuable experience, isn’t it?

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5. Visiting Vat Phou Temple

Undoubtedly, Buddhism has been a strong force and stillremained a major effect on daily basic of Lao culture. You always have an eager for exploring the cultural diversity, right? Vat Phou Temple will be an ideal place that meets your need. Coming to this temple, it definitely provides you a unique demonstration of Khmer Empire archaeological style, including its use of carved stones, which excellently represents the importance of the relationship between nature, spiritual beliefs, and humanity.

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6. Being Amazed by the Khone PhaPheng Waterfall

The largest, and by far the most awesome waterfall anywhere along the Mekong, KhonPhapheng is exactly unadulterated and unrestrained aggression when millions of liters of water crash over the rocks every second. Indeed, this beautifully natural attraction can easily steal your heartwith a wide line, which slopes in a curvilinear pattern making the river passing over with awesome power. 

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7. Relaxing in Restaurants

The best suggestion for you when reaching Laos is doing nothing. It is the most ecstatic feelings when we just sit around, read, listen to music and meet other travellers and wait for the served food and drink - try the coconut shakes and pineapple pancakes!

8. Going on a Mekong river cruise

If you travel all around this country but do not have the chances to stop off at villages and Khmer ruins along the Mekong River, it will be a big omission. Take a Mekong River cruise and check it out by yourself, it will amaze you more than what you expected.

Laos, especially the 4000islands, is well-known for the delightfully friendly people, abundantly beautiful scenery, excellent food and many other destinations which never let you down when you set food to this wonderful nation.

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