How to Get from Luang Prabang Airport to City Center

Luang Prabang – a familiar name that evokes the classic image of a tiny mountain kingdom with ancient red-roofed temples and French-Indochinese architectures for thousands of years in everyone’s mind. This World Cultural Heritage site is also reunited multiple features of French, Chinese as well as Vietnam cultures, which makes it become “the best-preserved city in Asia”.

After having a long flight to this charming city, you will surely wonder about which kind of transportation leading you from Luang Prabang International airport to its central city in a distance of 4 kilometers. Actually, depending on your travel style and how much the amount of money and time that you have, the most appropriate way for you will be found out.

Here are 3 most viable forms of transportation to get this wonderful city center and even freely explore every tiny corner.

 1. TAXI

In fact, Luang Prabang International Airport not only provides various services including shopping, accommodation, essential information, currency exchange, and ATM but also offers standard transportation options.

When walking out the arrival gate, you will enter a car park where a wide range of people are waiting for passengers to pick them up to hotel as booking previously. Besides, the airport also has a taxi desk for you to choose available taxis and depart immediately with an approximate price compared with the hotel’s one. Specifically, the standard taxi fare into the city center is around $5.79 - 7.83. If your journey goes along Phetsarat road, it takes 10 minutes while about 13 minutes for the Route 13.

luang prabang airport to city center


No one can deny that tuk-tuk is the best option combining between saving time and money for all travelers. In reality, wandering about 100 meters from the airport, you can take a shared tuk-tuk ride to the town center for about 50.000 kip ($6) per person. If you know some basic Lao words and have good negotiation skills, you may be able to get a ride for 20,000 kip (but they may not take USD); or it will be 30000 - 40,000 kip if you are not strong enough in this bargain.

It's only a 15 to 20 minutes tuk-tuk ride from the airport to the city center which is near the Royal Palace. Normally, there are a large number of tourists tend to alight this destination. If you do not want to visit this place and your hotel that you are staying at is not nearby there, you can request the driver to take you to the hotel’s door with no extra charge, as long as it is within the historic part of Luang Prabang city.

luang prabang airport to city center 2


You are interested in slowly contemplating every scene on wherever you go, right?

Interestingly, walking will definitely leave numerous unique experiences in your memory like no others. Only by a smartphone connected with the Internet, you can easily discover your journey’s direction and make a plan for your travel schedule in the most flexible way. According to Google Map, the shortest road to get to central city is 3.8 kilometers and it will take you around 30 minutes.

luang prabang airport to city center 3

All in all, each kind of transportation will brings you distinct services and unforgettable feelings about the Royal of Buddha image. You, as a visitor, can choose a suitable option for your budget as well as travel plan. Everything is up to you!


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