Things to See & Do in Laos

Top 7 Museums in Laos

Traveling to Laos, in addition to visiting temples and pagodas or joining in activities of festivals, another way for you to learn more about this country’s history, culture, and people is setting foot in worth-spending-time museums. To help you have the most memorable experiences in these are 7 top-rated museums in Laos.

Getting Lost in 5 Greatest National Parks in Laos

Being the single landlocked region in Southeast Asia, the country of Laos is blessed with tropical forests, mighty limestone mountains, and diverse wildlife, which makes Lao national parks especially appealing to the thrill-seekers. Definitely, thanks to the adequate information, transport, and gear, taking a trip to the national parks in Laos is n ...

Where to Join Cooking Classes in Luang Prabang?

It is obvious that Lao cuisine has grown to be a huge magnet that lures many tourists to visit a charming city of Luang Prabang - the heart of the country’s culture. Hence, would you like to be capable of dazzling your beloved family members and friends with varying mouth-watering delicacies when returning home from your fantastic time in Laos? If ...

Top 10 Things To Buy in Laos

Rarely do Lao markets have no handicraft and souvenir area to satisfy their customers. Noticeably, you will be hard to find the similar mass-produced trinkets in hundreds of stalls throughout this “Land of A Million Elephants”. Instead, regional handmade crafts and products are mostly presented by the dozens of Lao ethnic groups, which makes souven ...

The 3 Best Places for Trekking in Laos

Apart from coming to well-known tourist sites located in bustling Lao cities, making a trek in one of the most beautiful limestone mountains to immerse yourself in natural scenes as well as break your limits is a superb idea. Definitely, this landlocked country usually welcomes its dear tourists with numerous awesome mountainous landscapes that are ...

The 6 Most Interesting Festivals in Laos

With rich culture and religion, the South East Asia country called Laos has a lot of festivals and celebrations which happen around year. One special trait of Lao festivals is that they are linked with agricultural seasons or historical Buddhist holidays. Below is the list of some of the most important and popular festivals in Laos.

Bicycle Adventure in Laos - Where Should You Go?

Whether biking improves your general body fitness and health balance or for purely environmental reasons, this is one of the most superb habits that you can ever pick up. However, have you ever planned a bicycle adventure with a view to experiencing of more distinctive cultures in your beloved countries?

Top 3 Honeymoon Destinations in Laos

Once the big day have come and gone, numerous wedded couples find it difficult to make decision where they will go to for their honeymoon. Actually, this romantic vacation comes in all shapes and sizes, however, most people have a tendency for seeking out somewhere cozy, beautiful, and dreamy to release all stress created by the wedding in general. ...