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Best Time to Visit Laos

Emerging from the shadows of two Indochina wars and a long-lasting isolation from the rest of the world, the landlocked Laos still remains appealing with green rice fields stretching to the horizon, familiar trails for a morning trek when being full of energy, and all of eye-catching landscapes that are enough to 'steal' your anxieties away.

Bicycle Adventure in Laos - Where Should You Go?

Whether biking improves your general body fitness and health balance or for purely environmental reasons, this is one of the most superb habits that you can ever pick up. However, have you ever planned a bicycle adventure with a view to experiencing of more distinctive cultures in your beloved countries?

Getting an Insight into Lao Culture

For those who are attracted to Laos – a landlocked country with the laid-back lifestyle from saffron-robed monks receiving alms to golden stupas, and stunning mountainous landscapes, it is worth a profound exploration about its valued culture. Although most travelers might already be aware that Lao culture is distinct from Western and other Asian o ...

Top 5 Dishes You Should Try When Travelling to Laos

Laos, the “Land of a Million Elephants”, possesses a charming beauty decorated by Mekong River like a potentially valued jewelry that is rarely touched by tourists all over the world. Indeed, not only does Laos lure visitors by its spectacular landscapes, historical monuments, or traditional festivals but this country also makes a strong impression ...

Laos Visa for Tourists

Laos is famous for its lyrical beauty and friendly people, which makes it an Asia favorite destination of many tourists around the world. However, the process ofapplying for a Laos visa can be confusing, especially for people who have never traveled abroad before.