Best Spas in Vientiane 2

4 Best Spas in Vientiane

One of the relaxing things to pamper your body after visiting plenty of temples in Vientiane is taking the benefit of body treatments like facial care and massage. We offer 4 best spas in Vientiane where you can enjoy the incredible treatments, professional staff and welcoming atmosphere.

COPE Centre – Where Evokes the Power of Sympathy

It is necessary to remember that Laos holds a tragic record of being the most bombed country during the Viet Nam war lasting from 1964 to 1973. In this period, more than 2 million tons of bombs were released, in which a large number of this military equipment was buried in the Lao fields and villages. As a result, these bombs which failed to explod ...

Patuxai – Arch of Triumph in Vientiane

Does Vientiane have a monument which is quite similar to the Arc of the Triumph of the Champs Elysees in Paris? Yes, it is nothing but Patuxai, which is located in the main avenue of the capital city of Laos. Perhaps, no one can deny that Patuxai is one of Vientiane’s most noticeable landmarks possessing the crenellated upper level with five orna ...

Pha That Luang – The Most Important Buddhist Monument in Laos

Is there any stupa covered in about 1,100 pounds of gold leaf in the heart of Vientiane? Of course, that can only be Pha That Luang which is one of the most famous cultural landmarks and top tourists attractions in Laos.

The 3 Best Cafes in Vientiane

Have you ever thought about how to spend time profoundly unwinding in capital of Laos, while watching the outside world going by? Perhaps, enjoying a great cup of coffee will be the most suitable answer for you as well as the bulk of people who are interested in a laid-back atmosphere. Here are some typically recommended cozy cafes for your trip ...

Lao National Museum - A True Historical Witness

For those who are seeking a place to discover more about the soul beauty of friendly Laotians, the long-established history and diverse culture of Laos, please look no further than Lao National Museum (also called Lao National History Museum), Vientiane.

The 10 Nicest Hotels in Vientiane

Being viewed as one of Asia’s most laid-back capitals that nestles in a curve of the Mekong River, Vientiane is not only renowned for gilded temples and French colonial roofs but also for suitableaccommodation options which providetravelersthe best services during their long trips.

5 Attractions You Must Visit in Vientiane

Due to a large number of ethnicities that make up the population in Laos, taking a trip to the Vientiane capital is an ideal approach to grasp a comprehension of the valued history as well as the cultural diversity of this landlocked country. To ensure that you have a truly wonderful time in Vientiane’s laidback atmosphere, here are our 5 top-rated ...