4 Best Spas in Vientiane

One of the relaxing things to pamper your body after visiting plenty of temples in Vientiane is taking the benefit of body treatments like facial care and massage. We offer 4 best spas in Vientiane where you can enjoy the incredible treatments, professional staff and welcoming atmosphere. 

Lily Spa 

Lily spa is famous for its skincare services. The spa offers special care by using suitable products for each skin type and condition such as sensitive skins, dry skin, skin with enlarged pores, acne, dark spots, freckles, roughness and wrinkles. These natural extract products are imported from Paris which smell heavenly and are very moisturizing and gentle. It's a very soothing experience for the delicate skin on your face that is strongly affected by environmental pollution.The facial treatment also includes an amazing face massage, plus hand, arm, shoulder and leg massage. 

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Lily Spa

Other services: Lily Spa also offers great body massages, deep peelings, slimming & firming body treatments and dermatological checks. 

Address: Dongpaina Rd, Sisattanak District,Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

Tel : +856 21 453 282

Manee Spa 

Manee Spa is situated on a beautiful site surrounded by the lush flower garden on a tranquil street. It is placed in a wooden bungalow which has a beautiful spouting fountain in the middle. Coming to the spa, you will have a great chance to enjoy professional services and excellent oil massage. Manee Spa is a little oasis for self-indulgent services that pamper you from head to toe. The prices are very reasonable only 40,000 kips ($5) for half-hour foot massage, 70,000 kips ($9) for one hour head and shoulder massage, 80,000 ($10) for pedicure, 140,000 kips ($17.50) for one hour facial treatments.

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Manee Spa

Other services: Manee Spa also offers full body massages, body scrub treatments, nails and waxing.

Address:  Ban Thongang – hom 9 (near Lao Electric)

Tel : +856 21 353 207

Tangerine Garden 

Arguably the most upscale spa in Vientiane, Tangerine Garden is located opposite the beautiful Ansara Hotel. Things attract you before entering this restored French villa are the scent of cinnamon and jasmine. Here, the employees are attentive and dedicated. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea  while experiencing the best foot massage in the region. Beside foot massage (80,000K), the spa also has aroma massage which costs 220,000K().  and the 'office syndrome' massage (200,000K) that focuses on the neck, shoulders and back.

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Tangerine Garden Spa

Other services: Tangerine also offers facials, body scrubs, and sauna treatments. 

Address: Quai Fa Gnum, Ban Vat Chan, Tha, Hom 5 Muang Chantabury, Vientiane, Laos

Tel : +856 21 251 452

Herbal Sauna 

Why you don't try the unique experience of the traditional massage at Herbal Sauna spa. Because the facilities are basic, it may not suitable for those who looking for a fancy hotel spa treatment. But what you will get is the most authentic experience with strong herbal sauna, natural scrub and fascinating massage. Inside the spa, you will see a garden with 2 herbal steam rooms separated for men and women with a communal garden in which you can drink hot tea.

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Herbal Sauna Spa

In addition, it also offers a variety of massage including Lao-style herbal saunas ( 40,000K/ hour), oil ( 80,000K/hour ) and foot massage (40,000K/hour).

 Address: Th Chao Anou, Vientiane 0100, Laos

Tel: +856 20 55 044 655

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